Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between DF, MAX and SIXTH series?

There are 2 main differences; the size and the weight limit. You may also check out our display guide for an overview of which display series suit your needs. In general, our sixth series are smaller and designed for 1:6 scale figurines while the DF can handle larger, heavier statues (typically 1:4) and the MAX series are designed to hold the largest and heaviest collectibles (Dioramas or 1:3 and above).

Using weight limits as a guide:

  • SIXTH series can support up to 15kg weight limit.
  • DF series can support up to 15kg weight limit.
  • DF series with enhancement upgrade can support up to 30kg weight limit.
  • MAX series models (MAX70 / MAX70 Plus / MAX150 / MAX150 Plus) can support up to 40kg weight limit.
  • MAX series models (MAX140 / MAX140 Plus) can support up to 70kg weight limit.

Can I stack or connect DF and MAX together?

No, only display units within the same series can be stacked or connected therefore a DF unit cannot stack with the MAX.

Can I display collections on the top of the case?

Yes, to do so you will need to purchase the top board accessories. Do note that that different cases have different weight limits;

  • DF weight limit on top board (15kg)
  • MAX weight limit on top board (40kg)

Are the display cubes dust proof?

Yes, all our display cubes are dust proof as once installed properly, there are no gaps or seams that allow dust to settle within.

Do the displays have front covers?

Yes, all our display cubes have removable magnetic front covers.

Can the display be wall mounted?

We advise only the sixth series should be wall mounted due to its smaller frame and lighter weight.

How many display cubes can I stack up to?

Any stacks more than 3 units should be wall mounted and 4 units should be the maximum.

Can I customise the sizes of the case?

Yes, do contact us for custom sizes however please note these may take longer to manufacture.

Where can I install the spotlights?

The spotlights can be installed on either the top panel or the base.

How do I contact customer service?

Kindly fill out the Contact Us form which is available here.

How can I track my order?

Once your order is shipped, you will get an e-mail notification with the tracking number.

Are Duty and Tax included in the total amount of my order?

The customs duties and taxes are not included in the total amount. Buyers are expected to be responsible for any customs duties and taxes in their countries. Duties and taxes will be advised and collected by the courier company upon arrival at the customs.

My Cases arrived damaged! What should I do?

Please email info@moduspace.sg with the following information:

  • Product name: e.g. DF60
  • Order number: e.g. #12567
  • Billing email address
  • At least 2 images of the damaged area from 2 different angles